Welcome to the web site of the Hokkaido University Organ Association.

We enjoy playing the organ in the Clark Hall, the student hall in Hokkaido University. We have regular meetings once a week, mainly on Saturday nights, and give concerts in June and December. We rent cottages twice a year for practice sessions using various instruments. Other activities such as flower-viewing trips and excursions are also organized for members.

Because there is only one organ in Hokkaido University, we take turns in playing it during the regular meetings.Those waiting for their turn sometimes play other instruments, such as violins and recorders, together.

The music we play varies from baroque to modern music. There are many works for the organ from the Middle Ages to present day. There are various levels of players in our club. Some of the members had no experience in playing any musical instruments before joining the club, while others had much experience in playing.

Please feel free to visit our meetings. You can find the schedule of our meetings here. You can also send e-mail to hokudai_organ@hotmail.com.